Your home, your choice

Free home plots

Free Homes are available to all for as long as they wish. All plots are set in a cozy community. Any Tranquility resident can have a free plot, subject to availabilty

Your own region

3rd Anniversary Offer. Full size region with 5000 prims for Home use only. Only US$3 per month!


Single Regions start from $7.50 per month for a full size Home Starter with 10000 prim allowance.

VAR regions are available ranging from a 2x2 (512x512)up to a 4x4 (1024x1024). They start from $19.50 for a 2x2 with 20000 prims up to $45.00 for a 4x4 with 100000 prims, per month

Pre made OARS

We have a range of pre-made OARS available to Tranquility residents.They are very affordable and come complete with landscaping, buildings etc

Click below to see some of the OARS

Premium accounts

For US$3 a month you receive a stipend of T$500 per month, Premium account and 10% off any region order or a free plot for as long as you want!. This means it only costs you the equivalent of US$2 as you have T$500 to spend each month and save up to $4.50 off your region costs!

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