Things to do in Tranquility Grid

There are places around the grid to keep you amused, and obviously you are able to hypergrid to other venues around the Opensim network. The pier is a very popular destination with both locals and hypergrid visitors
Party On !


The Pier has events Sunday to Thursday, usually 4pm to 6pm EST. Come party at one of Opensims most popular clubs

Trail Riders


A beautiful 2×2 region covered by horse trails. Also there is the Tranquility Hippodrome where regular racing takes place, and partying with the club venue!

Get Married!


Yes…you can get virtually married in Tranquility! A purpose built region which includes La Grande ballroom and outside venue for your Reception

Shop till you drop!


There are several places to shop in Tranquility including Tranquility Mall. If you don`t want to spend anything try out the free items in Welcome and The Pier II.

Carny Park


The return of Carny Park. We think we have improved on the original park. Most rides are still there, including a new Mine! Also at the centre is a Hot Spring for you to relax in!

Kill the zombies!


We have created a region based on the eZombie system. A deserted town with many zombies coming to get you! Kill them before they get you…and watch your back!

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