Free Homes

Free Homes are available to all residents for as long as they wish. All plots come with the house all set in a cozy community. There are two regions, one being General rating and the other being Adult. The choice is yours!

Single regions (256sqm)

Single Regions

We have two Single region Options:

Home Premium, 16000 prims:

US$7.oo per month

Anything Goes, 20000 prims:

US$9.00 per month

VAR Regions up to 4×4

VAR Regions

VAR Regions have 3 sizes available:

2×2 VAR (512sqm) 50000 prims

US$19.50 per month

3×3 VAR (768 sqm) 100000 prims

US$29.00 per month

4×4 VAR (1024 sqm) 120000 prims

US$41.00 per month

Payment Options

There are two ways you can pay for your land. Firstly Inworld at the Tier Office with Tranquility currency. Secondly, Invoiced or Subscription and pay by Paypal/dr/cr card

Your Land, your choice

You can decide what to do with your land. The only exception is the Home Premium as this is for a personal home region only. We can help you to decide on re-designing the basic flat region into something unique

Next Steps…

Ready to order? Any resident can order their land by clicking this link