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Connecting to Tranquility

Step 1: Select A Viewer

To enter Tranquility you will need to use of a third party viewer to access. Below is list of the most popular viewers, you will need to download one :

Firestorm Viewer is one of the most popular viewer by many Tranquility users. It provides a very easy to use interface and contains many custom features other viewers may not have. It supports many of the latest features, but as yet will not support bakes on mesh in Opensim. Make sure you opt for the SL and OS Version. Unfortunately Firestorm no longer directly develops the viewer for OS, and supplies it “as is”

Singularity Viewer is a viewer containing many of the features and customizations of the latest technology while keeping the old look and feel. The latest versions are found on the Nightly Builds page Mesh objects can be slower to rez in this viewer, but is ahead of Firestorm on reliability and system commands.

Alchemy Viewer a viewer that is being developed by many people involved in the OpenSimulator community and has much of the latest technology other viewers tend to opt out of. Unfortunately it seems to be falling behind the other viewers.

**Grid choice **

Dayturn Viewer: this viewer is currently being developed specifically for Opensim. It is based on the best parts of Singularity, Firestorm and the SL Viewer. Revision are often appearing, and where the viewer is still being developed there are still a few glitches to be ironed out. Has the graphics of Singularity, but the speed of Firestorm

Step 2: Configuring Your Viewer

To login to Tranquility you will need to make sure it is in the Grid dropdown. For the viewers we have suggested above, below is the way to find where to add a grid:

Firestorm Viewer Avatar > Preferences > OpenSim

Singularity Viewer Grid Manager

Alchemy Viewer Me > Preferences > Grids

Dayturn: Grid is already listed in the dropdown

Now we need to add the grid, to do this we are going to enter the grid login URL: and then hit add. After that you will hit apply to save the changes, then hit ok to close the window.

Step 3: Log In

Finally enter your avatar name and password you created, then make sure Tranquility Life Virtual is selected from the dropdown box for Grid. Now you can login !

Need to change your inworld name?

You can change your name at anytime . Please note that it can take up to 2 weeks to filter through everything, so might show to some and not others for a while. Click the button below and log in there

Support Ticket

We have various ways for you to get help:

Inworld: Ask any Staff member, either direct or through the Online Indicator boards...even if offline!

Website: Use the Live Chat, available 6.30 am - 10.00pm EST

Website: Use the Contact form, under the Help and Totorials tab

Click the button below to raise a Support Ticket:

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