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Why am I lagging so much

There are so many reasons a person can lag here we will try to give you as much information about it as we know how to. A lot depends on your hardware and computer updates and internet speed. But the following is other reasons:


1. AVIS:

The first biggest lagger is a lot of avis in same region and the more that are close together the more it will lag. Why is this you ask?

-Flexible hair can create lag, a lot of accessories, scripted huds and aos you are using, body complexity and whether the avis are wearing mesh or non mesh clothes. Mesh lags more because of higher detail. Moving objects on avis and themselves lag.  Some of this depends on your viewers complexity visibility settings as well as draw distance and level of graphic details you chose. If you have huds on you don't really need to be porting around with then that can also add to lagging while trying to port.

-In opensim the Femme Body 6 or whatever it is called has been known to crash regions so please do not use it in Tranquility Grid you will be asked to change if you are.


2. Viewer settings:

If you have rendered higher graphic settings then based on items in the region and your own computer system you can lag. Sometimes it is server side lag sometimes viewer side lag. Hard to tell sometimes. I have made a video on some viewer preferences settings please see the video link is given here and there is 5 videos in that list:

3. Computer specs:

-minimum 4 gb ram

-Nvidia series graphics cards or AMD cards (Intel Graphics cards are not very great for virtual worlds)

-At least 2ghz speed

-the more memory you can afford the better

-desktops are better you can customize them more and the fans are bigger laptops often overheat and lag you because of it.

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