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Tranquility Grid Introduction

Here is a visual tour of our Welcome/Tranquil Park Region where you first land when you come into the grid and a few regions we created for grid and hyper-grid friends to enjoy 🙂

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Tranquility Grid first opened it's doors on January 13th 2018. The Grid Owners were Cris Tranquility (who was first knows as Christian Dior) and his then virtual wife Jadore Dior. And now Cris Tranquility is the sole owner of it.

Aqua Tranquility (original name was Aquarius DiorDragon) had joined as a regular member at first having followed the couple on different grids. She became Advisor then Manager and now is Virtually married to Cris Tranquility and also involved in real life relationship with him in which they have actually met. They got married on February 10th 2019 in Tranquility Grid which was the Grid's first wedding! 🙂

The Grid went through major renovation and clean up since December 2018. Cris and Aqua worked very hard to create lag free regions using better and better mesh and working on the Grid as a whole from website to regions to re- staffing due to staff and membership changes.

Now after 2 years or so we finally have the most amazing staff anyone can ever wish for. These aren't just words they actually go out of their way to help members and keep expanding their general knowledge about anything opensim related to better assist members and hypergrid friends. They are friendly and abide by our no drama rules and help implement it. 

Our staff actually makes an effort to try greet members as they come in. They aren't just members with titles for fashion they are our family and treat the grid like it was their own. Here is our staff structure so far and by the way we might only have 2 or 3 other staff members but you will actually see them at events and around the grid:

Cris Tranquility (Grid Owner/DJ)

Aqua Tranquility (Manager)

Taffy Tranquility (Advisor/Hostess)

EvaRue Tranquility (Advisor/Hostess)

Russell Balan (Greeter)

We are constantly striving to provide an easy, informative, helpful, friendly, drama-free environment and experience for all that come visit or become part our family. 🙂

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