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Incentive scheme

To help you encourage your friends to join you here in Tranquility we have devised this incentive scheme. Every person you persuade to join Tranquility will receive a US$5 gift card to spend on the website. All they need do is tell us who got them to join. Get 5 referrals and you also will receive a gift card.

How to register

Please follow these instructions on registration for the Forums:

Click the Register button below.

Make up your Username (first name of you inworld?)

Enter the email address you wish to use

Click register

Check your email inbox (or spam). This can take a few minutes.

Click the FIRST link in the email.

CLEAR the password shown (unless you want to keep it) and enter a password you want.

Confirm password reset

Should see a confirmation with login option.

Complete your profile and save, and click Tranquility Grid in the black header bar.

You will now be logged in, and will be able to login on the Forum page in future