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Our Approach

The visitor to our region or venue is the most important thing at that time. If they need help starting out, or need land, free home or just visiting for the event…we will tend to their every need

Our Story

Cris always enjoyed providing the best entertainment venues and facilities for visitors. Eventually he decided to create his own Grid following those practices. So, Tranquility Grid was born in January 2018.

Many followed from previous Grids and so was formed one of the fastest and stable grids on Opensim. Aqua was one of those, and eventually she became grid Manager and later Cris` partner.

Meet the Team

Tranquility has a small experienced team, ready and willing to help and advise any of our residents.

Aqua Tranquility

Grid Manager

Taffy Tranquility


Cris Tranquility

Grid Owner

EvaRue Tranquility



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