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Tranquility Grid is free to join. Also you can have a free home and with the wealth of freebies around Opensim you need never spend a penny!

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Want your own place?

Land is very affordable in Tranquility. Single regions start from US$10 per month. Other land sizes are available right up to a 4×4 VAR region

OS9 Offer:

2×2 VAR, 20000 prims:

US19.50 per month!

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Always Tranquil !

Tranquility lives up to its name and Grid theme tune “Peace and Tranquility” We do not, and will not accept any form of drama !

What is Tranquility Grid?

Tranquility Grid is a Virtual World, similar to the famous Second Life, but on Opensim. That means that unlike Second Life you are able to visit other “worlds” on Opensim.

Here you can create your avatar exactly as you want (want to be 21 again?) and live and play in a world away from the pressures of real life. You can socialize, build,explore and just have fun all without leaving your home!

One of the biggest advantages of Opensim, and Tranquility in particular is cost. Second Life charges just under US$200 for a single region of land. Our equivalent would cost you US$9 per month !!

So, come join us free, and try it!

Party at The Pier !

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